Ample Opportunities in Nivala

When you’re looking for a plot or premises for your business, you’ll have it in Nivala sooner than you can imagine. That is a decision that we have made and strongly stand by. Nivala Industrial Park houses an extensive business cluster that offers a strong network for cooperation and subcontracting for both new and existing enterprises. Nitek center for technology’s expert companies and ELME Studio’s R&D&I community provide wide-ranging services for various stages of production.

Nivala offers great opportunities in education and recreation. The City of Nivala is invested in a diverse array of services, Nivala Industrial Park’s future, and building a thriving business cluster.

All kinds of sports and exercise

Liikuntakeskus Uikko has something for the whole family: an indoor ice rink, swimming pools, a gym, a bowling alley, and a stylish café. It’s a popular spot for sports and socializing. You’ll also find newly constructed fields for football and track and field events, a Finnish baseball arena, several disc golf courses and ice hockey rinks, and an 18-hole golf course.

Pyssymäki’s outdoor recreation areas and trails offer plenty of options for hiking, camping, and refreshment as well as trail running and mountain biking. Pyssyhovi is where sports competitions and events are held.

Culture for everyone

The Uikon Taikaa city festival ensures that there are events for every taste in culture and sports. The town is also home to a legendary entertainment venue Tuiskula. Nivala’s own Nelemu association for live music organizes various concerts and music events.

From comprehensive schooling to vocational studies

The Nivalan lukio upper secondary school is known for its entrepreneurship-minded teaching. Jedu center for education offers a range of vocational training options. Nivala is also a university town: University of Oulu’s Kerttu Saalasti Institute has operated in the area for 20 years. The Jokilaaksojen musiikkiopisto music school, Tanssiopisto Uusikuu dance school, and Jokilatvan opisto adult education center provide an avenue of improvement for those with hobbies and goals.

Comfortable living in a modern country town

Our focus is on new solutions for living. Nivalan Vuokrakodit Oy has completed a new, communal KUOKKA apartment building. They’ve also begun building a second, similar four-story apartment building. Rental apartments can be found around the town center. The City of Nivala also offers a selection of plots for detached homes. Nivalan Kuitu links your home to the world with high-speed optical fiber internet connections.

Nivala is a town for active people. We value entrepreneurship, work, and high-quality services.

Find your success story with us at Nivala Industrial Park!

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